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Some people dream of success. We just plan to make it happened.
Type of services 

Audit & Assurance

Audit and assurance servises are provided by our team in Accordance to egyptian audit standards but we also have experience of U.S.A generally accepted auditing standards , IFRS and GAAP that enable us to serve our clients where ever they are

we have been  performing other assurance services such as

1- Agreed upon procedures
2- Reporting on internal controls effectiveness
3-Reporting on MD&A

4-Examination of projected financial statements

5- compliance audit  


consulting services

Beside assurance services ,Our consulting services focus on our clients' risk management , internal controls ,governance so we can add value to each process 


Tax filing and Planning

Our tax planning tools aim to analyze high risk area and to interact efficiently with client tax environment and egyptian tax authority regulation especially for multinational companies to avoid penalties and take benefit of  available tax credits, exemptions and deductions as it becomes available 


Transaction services 

Merges , acquisitions  ,reorganization evaluation of shares  and many other transactions services which we have been consulted for ,were performed by our highly qualified team that whom gained their experience through many due diligence   engagements incurred either in egyptian market or for multinational firms 


Book keeping ,outsourcing of book keeping &   Tax advisory integrated solutions


EPG's Book keeping service is a different type of service as well as compilation cause it is incorporated with our experience in Tax ,internal controls and risk management so we can provide  your business with the best book keeping service and our audit  team ,that  are mainly separated from Book keeping service team,  perform audit service   to guarantee compliance with our quality control policy 

we also use many of the  Most reputable software Such as Quickbooks,peatchtree  and other simplified  ERP systems for SMEs business


we focus on providing your firm with consulting (Free)in regard to internal controls, policies & procedures that suit the business size  to encourage you have effective and efficient internal controls policies and procedures as your business grow while our tax team recommend you  the most efficient recommendation and update you by Latest tax announcements 

Our solutions are innovative and brave, while at the same time being based on industry knowledge and key marketing strategies. There is always a solution.

Outsource of bookkeeping


we have IT solutions which we integrate with complete platform under our system  to  full electronically process    your financial reporting  data up to financial statements , policies and  disclosure required  , to provide you with high quality full Book keeping system.


Your successful enterprise  will not have anymore to afford excessive cost of book keeping or human resources cost and employees benefit , if your business is small or medium enterprise . 


highly qualified team from over the world with  international , regional qualifications maintain  and supervise this system  

IFRS  conversion in Arab And Gulf countries and EAS consulting engagements 

We have developed  " IFRS Training Solution "for those  whom required to be prepared for first time application of  IFRS for SMEs 


Our tools varies  in nature and scope from providing consulting solutions to meet  entities' needs on to prepare their financial statements in accordance with Egyptian Accounting Standards (EAS) or International Financial Reporting Standards  ( IFRS ) up to the annual consulting services  with diagnostic studies for updates , training and transaction advisory services consequently required  

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