we released our episode  related to discussion
 of  IFRS 16" lease contracts"  and its counterpart Egyptian Accounting standard No.49  keep on track With latest update related to  Covid 19 implications   



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  • Tax services

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since 2006 we have been providing our services to many clients in different sectors  include manufacturing , trading , financial institutions , servicing, heath care and hospitality .

Although our clients have ranged in size from SMEs to reputable large corporations, our primary objective was always  helping small and medium sized clients discover  ...

What did our clients say about us ?

"we have obtained a unique audit services from the egyptian Professional Group that is based mainly on their fully disciple  and respect to their responsibilities , i think the main reason of success of their audit that they  perform efficient audit procedure that respond to  risk points so hat  we appreciate their continuous high quality of services , while in tax ,they keep fully updated with latest tax authority's regulations "  

Dr . Ashraf El Sayed  said .  chairman of  Nourmar maritime shipping agency 

New Projects & Services  
IFRS first time adoption & conversion

During past few years ,our  team lead  many  successful IFRSs conversion engagements and provide technical opinion in regard first time application of sophisticated area of IFRSs and Egyptian Accounting Standards , all of our staff are fully qualified through Accredited qualifications and have long years of experience with standards in many sectors  

Restructure , Merges , business formation & business modeling 

 SMEs  are sometimes  struggling from  finance issues , seeking how to analyze businesses' strength and weakness(SWAT analysis), other SMEs  seek  engaging new business , activities  and have concerns in regard business valuation ,   risk appetite & tolerance in such  businesses  or the restructure after acquisition.

 we have unique integrated services include due diligence , restructure ,determine business valuation , merge and combination services ,finalizing  legal procedures up to  following up the  business plan and setting strategies , bylaws for entity.

keep in touch with Egyptian Accounting standards update ! with our update tools of standards

Watch our channel to follow our episode of Covid-19 implications on IFRS 


Our goal at EPG  is to provide effective solutions designed to boost your business, be it small or a large organization.

Our consultants design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve best way for being updated with latest changes in egyptian accounting standards .

Check out our custom solutions and services. & standards update 

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issue of tax 173 for waiving of those tax payers  who have finalised tax assessment IN their disputes with tax authority 





As of 1st ,October 2020 our firm is part of a network of independent public accountants and auditors, lawyers and business advisors around the world, which headquarters are located at 1040 Avenue of the Americas(40th street), 18th floor, 10018 New York, NY, USA   www.uccsglobal.org.

UC&CS Global was funded by UC&CS América and it´s Strategic Associates, either from America and from other Continents, when they visualized the need to have an association of MDP-Multidisciplinary firms at an international level, in order to serve their clients beyond their borders