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Arab network for Accountants & Consultants

Arab network for Accountants & Consultants establishment and objective

EPG is the founder of Arab Network of Accountants & Consultants ANAC

- Our network is established to include professional licensed accountants in their territory from all over the world and to share experience , service , quality issues and expand globally using variety of experience and resources .

membership in ANAC will enable your firm to face competition and have plan to add achievements of the network members by being member in our group and have more resource to your professional service to provide it with highest level of quality.

-You may like to expand your professional service and have adequate professional communications with other audit firm located in other regions in the world to enable your firm expand service and have Adequate designed quality policies , training program , exchange services and consultancy in sophisticated engagements or offer your service globally

The benefits of membership in ANAC :

1- Expand your professional services globally . Similar to other network , we do not guarantee that your membership will gain you immediately new clients , your active relations with other member firms and our head office effective tools will acknowledge you by potential opportunities

2- Effective consultancy in standards and tax regulation issue by communication with other members

3- Build your staff skills in quality control standards , ISAs and IFRS through our training plan.

4- Assist in developing quality control in member firms.

5- Add to your client prestigious profile of spread firms and remarkable partners, located all over the world who aim to service your clients when expand overseas

6- Add your news in our website in latest news to refer to your client about your latest achievement .

7- Receive our newsletter .

8- Find opportunities with other member to expand , exchange experience or provide service overseas .

9- Depend on your preference , have our audit manual , and quality control manual policy .

Process of applying to ANAC :-

If your firm is interested in membership of ANAC , you may send us your firm profile, partners and staffs' CV . In addition ,you may subject to due diligence visit to inspect your current quality policies and provide assessment report to our board ,then our board may consider the the data you submit and the report to issue their final approval

For more information you may contact

shady Mehelba

Founder and board chairman


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if you have inquiry regard IFRS application , or areas which your firm is seeking advice due to vague treatment in one of IFRS or IFRS for SMEs or which lack of adequate clarification ,or is consider


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